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I've been a bit crunched for time over the last few days, reading up on SQL Server for the exam today. That's led to a few late nights, and last night I stayed up until 5am, then got about 2 hours sleep. Reminds me of my "real" student days... Anyway, I passed the exam (885/1000), so it was worth it. That's the 7th Microsoft exam I've passed so far, and I think I'm getting quite familiar with them now. This latest one puts me half way towards the MCDBA qualification, and I'll probably do the other SQL exam in a few weeks; it makes sense to carry on reading while the subject matter is fresh in my mind, and it will be a lot easier to pass the exam while I'm still using this version of the software. ("Yukon", aka SQL Server 2005, is due out later this year, but it will then take a year or so until they have a new exam for it, and before I'd be ready to take the exam.)

In the longer term, I'd quite like to get a complete set (MCSA, MCSE, MCAD, and upgrade my MCSD to .NET); that's about another dozen exams overall. There are also the CompTIA exams (e.g. A+, Network+, Security+) which I've got training manuals for, although they're on my unread (or part-read) stack at the moment. Then there's my backlog of computer magazines to read through... I was interested by a book I saw recently: The Know-it-All, about a guy who decides to read the entire Encyclopaedia Brittanica in a year. I've got the books on my shelves here (still shrinkwrapped until I've finished painting), and that sounds like a useful thing to do, if only to improve my skills at Trivial Pursuit.

More generally, I'm not sure how things are going to work out in terms of a PhD; it's on hold for the time being until I've paid off my various loans. But if/when I do start that, I'd like to be able to focus on the core subject that I'm researching, so the more things that I can clear off my "to do" list before that, the better.
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