John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
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Well, my TV has departed to a happier place (hopefully), and my lounge does at least look more spacious without it :)

As part of my de-cluttering exercise, I also have various VHS tapes to get rid of. I read something recently that said you should watch your tapes (or simply play/fast-forward through them) at least once a year to stop the tape stretching. I don't know how true that is, but it did get me thinking that if I'm not watching them that often then I probably don't need to keep them around. (And of course, this gives me an excuse to replace them with shiny things in the future.) So, if anyone want to claim any of these, give me a yell, otherwise I'll try offloading them to a charity shop. (I can't be bothered with the hassle of an Ebay auction, since I'd probably average a salary of 50p/hour.)

Star Trek: Generations (widescreen) [already replaced by DVD]
X Files: Series 3 (box set of 5 tapes)
X Files: File 1 - The Unopened File
X Files: File 2 - Tooms
X Files: File 3 - Abduction
X Files: File 4 - Colony
X Files: File 6 - Master Plan
X Files: File 7 - Tunguska
X Files: File 8 - Tempus Fugit
X Files: File 9 - Redux
X Files: File 11 - Patient X
X Files: File 12 - The End
X Files: One Son
(All of the "File n" tapes and "One Son" contain 2-3 episodes that are closely related to each other. Ask me if you want to know which episodes they have.)

By the way, I believe that the ICSF library already has copies of all of these.
Tags: decluttering, tv

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