John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Some good news - I've had a letter through from St John's Ambulance, saying that I've been accepted as a Brigade Member. I'll get my ID card and uniform in due course, and this means that I can now go on duty properly, the next one being on Sunday (covering a 10km run).

Meanwhile, I'll throw in a quick plug for Freecycle London (part of the global Freecycle network). The basic idea is that it's a free version of Ebay, and saves you having to dump stuff into landfills. The only downside is that there's a lot of faffing around when you first join up, so it took several days before I could post my first message, but I've now found that I can get rid of stuff within an hour, which is pretty effective.
Tags: decluttering, sja

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