John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

10 things

I've just got back from an evening out with billyabbott, which was fun, although it went on a bit later than intended. Have to get up in 5.5 hours...

Anyway, I'm just thawing out before I go to bed, so here's my attempt at the "10 things I've done that you probably haven't" meme:

  1. Given evidence in a criminal trial

  2. Cracked my head open on a manhole cover

  3. Parachuted out of an aeroplane

  4. Ridden a motorbike on a motorway

  5. Taken a Microsoft exam

  6. Put a custard pie in someone's face

  7. Worn a Spider-Man costume in public

  8. Stayed awake for 80 hours

  9. Gone SCUBA diving in the Red Sea

  10. Shared an elevator with Mira Furlan [who played Delenn in Babylon 5]

Tags: flans, meme, motorbike

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